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 My Story

Eli Leathers


Eli Leathers began designing knives in 2016 on his family’s kitchen table at his hometown in Memphis, Tennessee. Throughout the years as a teenager, he enjoyed attending and working at knife shows while gaining experience and craft for the trade. This passion of his led him to develop his 2018 debut series of hand-made knives — the Alpha series.

Since then, he has created over seven series of knife designs for not only his audience but to wholesale dealers and local shops as well. WELmade has sold across country and in over five other countries including France, Costa Rica, and Canada. An extraordinary highlight of this initial journey was working directly with country music icon Lee Brice in creating a unique design based on his personal preferences and ergonomics. 

The WELmade brand breaks boundaries of the knife industry by combining artful craftsmanship with unmatched durability.

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